Codice Promozionale Bit, Il Precursore Giovanni Battista, Il Muro Di Gomma Frasi, Blindness Dove Vederlo, Stati Fondatori Dell'unione Europea, San Gabriele Onomastico Settembre, Sagra Della Patata Martinengo, Calendario Numerato 2020, Infiniti Noi Pooh Anno, "/> Codice Promozionale Bit, Il Precursore Giovanni Battista, Il Muro Di Gomma Frasi, Blindness Dove Vederlo, Stati Fondatori Dell'unione Europea, San Gabriele Onomastico Settembre, Sagra Della Patata Martinengo, Calendario Numerato 2020, Infiniti Noi Pooh Anno, " /> Codice Promozionale Bit, Il Precursore Giovanni Battista, Il Muro Di Gomma Frasi, Blindness Dove Vederlo, Stati Fondatori Dell'unione Europea, San Gabriele Onomastico Settembre, Sagra Della Patata Martinengo, Calendario Numerato 2020, Infiniti Noi Pooh Anno, " />

[181] DeMille noted that his mother had a "high sense of the dramatic" and was determined to continue the artistic legacy of her husband after he died. His wife did not like Paradise, so DeMille often brought his mistresses there with him including actress Julia Faye. His first biblical epic, The Ten Commandments (1923), was both a critical and commercial success; it held the Paramount revenue record for twenty-five years. From there, DeMille's style developed into marital comedies with outrageously melodramatic plots. The sets and effects were so realistic that 30 extras needed to be hospitalized due to a scene with fireballs and flaming arrows. [1] The oldest honoree was producer Samuel Goldwyn, at age 93 in 1973. [257], DeMille was one of the first directors to become a celebrity in his own right. [101], After five years and thirty hit films, DeMille became the American film industry's most successful director. [155], – Alfred Zukor responding to DeMille's proposal of The Ten Commandments remake, In 1952, DeMille sought approval for a lavish remake of his 1923 silent film The Ten Commandments. [40] Another unperformed play he wrote was Son of the Winds, a mythological Native American story. Cecil B. DeMille nel trailer de I dieci comandamenti (1956) Oscar onorario 1950 Cecil B. DeMille, nome completo Cecil Blount DeMille (Ashfield, 12 agosto 1881 – Los Angeles, 21 gennaio 1959), è stato un regista, produttore cinematografico e montatore statunitense. [49] DeMille had a daughter, Cecilia, on November 5, 1908, who would be his only biological child. Consequently, he focused his efforts on his films' visuals. The play was successful and DeMille was distraught that his childhood idol had plagiarized his work. Prêmio Cecil B. DeMille 1952 - Prêmio honorário Melhor diretor 1952 - The Greatest Show on Earth: Festival de Cannes; Palma de Ouro 1939 - Union Pacific: Nascido em uma família ligada à arte, seu pai foi um professor, ator e dramaturgo, enquanto sua mãe, também uma professora, ensinava inglês na Brooklyn Academy Lockwood. [178][note 12], DeMille believed his first influences to be his parents, Henry and Beatrice DeMille. Furthermore, DeMille argued with Zukor over his extravagant and over-budget production costs. As DeMille continued to rely on Groesbeck, the nervous energy of his early films transformed into more steady compositions of his later films. [163], On November 7, 1954, while in Egypt filming the Exodus sequence for The Ten Commandments, DeMille (who was seventy-three) climbed a 107-foot (33 m) ladder to the top of the massive Per Rameses set and suffered a serious heart attack. Mature refused to wrestle Jackie the Lion, even though DeMille had just tussled with the lion, proving that he was tame. [83], DeMille's most successful film was The Cheat; DeMille's direction in the film was acclaimed. Adams was 29 years old at the time of their marriage, eight years older than DeMille. They struggled to adapt the play from the stage to the set. However much I may dislike some of his pictures, it would be very silly of me, as a producer of commercial motion pictures, to demean for an instant his unparalleled skill as a maker of mass entertainment. [41] However, none of these were very successful; William deMille was most successful when he worked alone. [48] DeMille wrote another play originally called Sergeant Devil May Care which was renamed The Royal Mounted. DeMille would stick to his large-budget spectaculars for the rest of his career. [26] Before Henry deMille's death, Beatrice had "enthusiastically supported" her husband's theatrical aspirations. Unlike the other children the DeMille's adopted, John was never told about his birth parents. [157] Adolph Zukor convinced the board to change their minds on the grounds of morality. [318], Filmography obtained from Fifty Hollywood Directors.[319]:21–23. Despite his loss, DeMille continued to lobby for the Taft–Hartley Act, which passed. ", "From motion picture theater manager to assistant to head of publicity at, "The son of a circus clown who died before he was born, he was the star of many, "Hollywood's greatest female clown... and the world still proclaims. He received his first nomination for the Academy Award for Best Director for his circus drama The Greatest Show on Earth (1952), which won both the Academy Award for Best Picture and the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Drama. [59] Lasky and DeMille were said to have sketched out the organization of the company on the back of a restaurant menu. [179] His playwright father introduced him to the theater at a young age. [173] After his death, notable news outlets such as The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and The Guardian honored DeMille as "pioneer of movies", "the greatest creator and showman of our industry", and "the founder of Hollywood". [126] More in line with his conservative views, he was known as anti-union and worked to prevent unionizing of film production studios. He became more conservative as he aged, DeMille lived a life of strong Christian ethics, as exemplified through his wife and children. He directed and produced four films on his own, working with Producers Distributing Corporation because he found front office supervision too restricting. His tentative plan was to shoot a film in Arizona, but he felt that Arizona did not typify the Western look they were searching for. Ainoastaan vuosina 1976 ja 2008 kunniapalkintoa ei myönnetty. [89] DeMille was maintained as director-general and Goldwyn became chairman of the board. [263], DeMille was respected by his peers, yet his individual films were sometimes criticized. [85][86] In addition to his Paradise, DeMille purchased a yacht in 1921 which he called The Seaward. Einige Szenen dieses Stummfilms wurden in einer frühen Form von Technicolor gedreht. Cecil Blount DeMille (/ s ɛ s əl d ə m ɪ l / ; 12. He produced many flops. DeMille discovered the possibilities of the "bathroom" or "boudoir" in film without being "vulgar" or "cheap". [296][297], DeMille's legacy is maintained by his granddaughter Cecilia DeMille Presley who serves as the president of the Cecil B. DeMille Foundation, which strives to support higher education, child welfare, and film in Southern California. [36] Adams did not want to have sexual relations with DeMille, but did not mind his affairs because she felt that sex and love were unrelated; she knew that she was the sole Mrs. [291] Two schools have been named after him: Cecil B. DeMille Middle School, in Long Beach, California, which was closed and demolished in 2010 to make way for a new high school;[292] and Cecil B. DeMille Elementary School in Midway City, California. During the French New Wave, critics began to categorize certain filmmakers as auteurs such as Howard Hawks, John Ford, and Raoul Walsh. Beatrice grew up in a middle-class English household. [254], Publicly Episcopalian, DeMille drew on his Christian and Jewish heritage to convey a message of tolerance. The mistress could not keep the boy due to her tuberculosis. Cecil Blount DeMille (n.12 august 1881, Ashfield, statul Massachusetts – d. 21 ianuarie 1959, Hollywood, California) a fost un regizor american și producător de filme care a câștigat Academy Award atât cu filme mute cât și cu sunet. [33] They had met in a theater in Washington D.C. while they were both acting in Hearts Are Trumps. [299][300], Cecil B. DeMille received many awards and honors, especially later in his career. [64] The Lasky Company bought the rights to the play The Squaw Man by Edwin Milton Royle and cast Dustin Farnum in the lead role. DeMille had adopted him to avoid revealing the affairs to William's wife. [264] Producer David O. Selznick wrote: "There has appeared only one Cecil B. DeMille. ", Charles Frohman, Constance Adams, and David Belasco, Scandalous dramas, Biblical epics, and departure from Paramount, There are several variants of DeMille's surname. [84] Throughout his career, DeMille would frequently remake his own films. [233], DeMille was interested in art and his favorite artist was Gustave Doré; DeMille based some of his most well-known scenes on the work of Doré. ", "Having made her Hollywood screen debut at age 10, she became part of the world's cinematic royalty, from, "Cecil B. DeMille's favorite actress, equally at ease in comedy and drama—this was the year she left films to concentrate on television. Cecil Blount DeMille was an American film director and producer. DeMille is one of the more commercially successful film directors in history[245] with his films before the release of The Ten Commandments estimated to have grossed $650 million worldwide. [142] Jeanie MacPherson would work as a scriptwriter for many of DeMille's films. [165] This film would be his last. Cecil B. DeMille has been listed as one of the Media and drama good articles under the good article criteria. DeMille was credited in small print as "based on an idea by Cecil DeMille". DeMille was born in Ashfield, Massachusetts, and grew up in New York City. Cecil B. DeMille-t említi Bob Dylan dala, a Tombstone Blues. Radford, Bill. DeMille's first film, The Squaw Man (1914), was also the first full-length feature film shot in Hollywood. Consequently, the film was never made. Jego imieniem nazwano honorowe wyróżnienie Złotych Globów, wręczane za całokształt filmowej twórczości – Nagrodę im. ", "A king of comedy who moved at ease into drama and psychological observation throughout a massive career spanning seven decades. [30] DeMille (Class of 1900) attended and graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, where he attended for free due to his father's service to the Academy. [231] In the early age of cinema, DeMille differentiated the Lasky Company from other production companies due to the use of dramatic, low-key lighting they called "Lasky lighting" and marketed as "Rembrandt lighting" to appeal to the public. [169] DeMille attended the Santa Barbara premiere of The Buccaneer in December 1958. DeMille asked David Niven to star in the film, but it was never made. [207] DeMille had an authoritarian persona on set; he required absolute attention from the cast and crew. Although this final reel looked so different from the previous eleven reels that it appeared to be from another movie, according to Simon Louvish, the film is one of DeMille's strangest and most "DeMillean" film. Along the same lines, critics of DeMille often qualify him by his later spectacles and fail to consider several decades of ingenuity and energy that defined him during his generation. In order to cultivate DeMille's education and life skills, DeMille's mother sent him to Pennsylvania Military College (now Widener University) in Chester, Pennsylvania, at the age of fifteen. It has 700 guest rooms. [288][note 16] Donated by the Cecil B. DeMille Foundation in 2004, the moving image collection of Cecil B. DeMille is held at the Academy Film Archive and includes home movies, outtakes, and never-before-seen test footage. The actual parting of the sea was created by releasing 360,000 gallons of water into a huge water tank split by a U-shaped trough, overlaying it with film of a giant waterfall that was built on the Paramount backlot, and playing the clip backwards. [227] Throughout his career, he did not alter his films to better adhere to contemporary or popular styles. "Directorially, I think his pictures were the most horrible things I've ever seen in my life", said director William Wellman. The wedding party was small and Beatrice deMille's family was not in attendance. Groesbeck's art was circulated on set to give actors and crew members a better understanding of DeMille's vision. [180] Henry was heavily influenced by the work of Charles Kingsley whose ideas trickled down to DeMille.

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